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Design, Proof and Order Personalised Social Stationery


A range of A5 paper and A6 card with envelopes for everyday use at an affordable price.


A classic white and cream smooth wove A5 writing paper and A6 card with matching envelopes - written communications with a touch of class.


A timeless textured laid Conqueror A5 paper and A6 card presenting the refinement of a classic laid tactile feel that adds that touch of sophistication to your communications.


A white and cream smooth wove letterhead in the classic 9 x 7 inch Post Quarto and cards in Demi Quarto 4 1/2 x 7 inch


Colourful A6 cards and A5 paper with matching envelopes that add fun and vibrance to your written notes.

The Stationery Box brings you a dedicated website that allows you to easily design and buy a range of social stationery online.

You can choose from Correspondence Cards, great for handwriting quick notes, or our Headed Notepaper, just what you need when you've got a bit more to say. You can choose from a range of paper quality and sizes . . .